Kristen Williams




Kristen Williams is a filmmaker, photographer, and animator based in Brooklyn, New York. 

Much of their work centers around manipulating still and motion picture film though hand animation or alternative development processes. 

Their film and animation work has been featured in festivals and exhibitions internationally, such as the Denver Film Festival in Colorado, the Il Varco International Film Festival in Italy and the YoungFilmmakers Festival in New York. Their photographic and animation work has been featured in multiple magazines such as Alter/Analog and Voyage Denver’s Inspiring Stories.

As a major music nerd, when they're not carving tiny images into strips of film or giving themselves minor brain damage mixing photochemistry, you can find them at concerts or browsing the depths of Spotify/Soundcloud to find the perfect songs to add to their 100th nuanced gay playlist. 

They love taking album photography and making music videos, so always feel free to reach out if you have a project in mind. 

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